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At Mission Pacific Beach Resort, we have a variety of holiday festivities for you to be a part of.


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Golf & Pickleball

Enjoy a customized professional golf fitting experience in Oceanside, San Diego County. Helmed by Titleist’s’ team of Club Fitting Analysts, guests will experience a holistic approach with innovative technologies to help improve their performance.

Oceanside Beach

Whether you’re here to surf or soak up some sunshine, we can make your beach day a breeze. Just a few steps away from Mission Pacific Beach Resort, you’ll find our team ready to help with complimentary beach chairs, umbrellas and anything you need to enjoy your day living the Southern California dream at Oceanside Beach.

Shopping in Oceanside

The Ozone, a destination for you to shop sought-after labels, lifestyle must-haves and vintage collectibles. From gifts, home-décor and art pieces to clothing and sports accessories, you will find a highly curated selection of products made by local brands, artisans, designers and artists.

Surf Lessons in Oceanside

Surf’s up! The Oceanside coastline is almost four miles long and boasts amazing surf spots. From the harbor to the pier, and many spots in between, there’s no shortage of waves at Oceanside Beach and is known as one of California’s most consistent spots for surfing.

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