The Top Gun House At Mission Pacific Beach Resort

An Oceanside Landmark & Hollywood Filming Location

The long awaited Top Gun House is officially opened in Oceanside! As a local landmark and Hollywood location for the cult classic movie: Top Gun,
Mission Pacific is excited to be home to Oceanside’s newest dessert craving HIGH-pie.


The History Behind The House

An Oceanside Victorian Becomes a Hollywood Landmark

As a historical gem in Oceanside, the Top Gun House is known by history buffs as The Graves House – named for its original owner Dr. Henry Graves who enjoyed the beautiful Victorian as his vacation home in the late 1800s. When Paramount was seeking the perfect location for Top Gun character Charlie Blackwood’s residence, the studio settled on the historical Graves House as the ideal filming spot. In the last year, the home has been repainted to match its 1986 color palette and filled with Top Gun memorabilia for visitors to enjoy, including a refurbished Yamaha Kawasaki Ninja ZX900 Motorcycle, identical to the one Tom Cruise rode in the film!



The Top Gun House, Home Of The Famous High Pie

Grab a high-pie in Oceanside!

Mission Pacific Beach Resort is excited to be home to Top Gun House, home of the famous HIGH-pie! HIGH-pie’s menu features individual hand pies filled with delicious compote made from seasonal, locally picked fruits, such as All-American favorites like apple and cherry! You can even taste mini pies a-la-mode, filled with house made mascarpone ice cream, fried, and then baked to order. Each hand pie is served on a popsicle stick and comes with a choice of dipping sauces that include Charlie’s Chocolate, Government Cheese, Lemon Curd and Sea Salt Caramel. Needless to say, HIGH-pie will be serving up delicious and memorable sweets with nothing other than a Pacific Ocean backdrop…iconic!


12 PM - 8PM (Su-Mo)